Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hong Que sexy girl Viet Nam

Teen Model Hong Que full name is Trinh Hong Que PinkQ nick name, born in 1994, making Hong Que Vietnamese model village "tilting" the ranks of a company vedette training large samples - the never happened.

Her name is associated with the phrase "supermodel bikini", "fashion phenomenon of Vietnam".

Property incredible 1.79 m height and measurements are 87-60-90 three rounds, joining Hong Que model training company New Talent from the age of 13. She supermodel you've participated in many big shows such as Vietnam Fashion week first in 2006, AFF, Vietnam Grandgrix collection ... and capture more advertising for fashion brands in the country. Hong Que also frequently appeared in the cover of many magazines, take place regularly both at home and abroad ...

At the age of 15 but had PinkQ to 4 years experience strode the catwalk. Professional demeanor, are educated, own "body" standard and progressive spirit of the profession, it is known to Hong Que is a professional model teen model teen not alone.

Get a lot of favors from nature, not only owns strikingly beautiful face, height dreamy, artistic intuition good, young model who has become famous soon also owns a voice quite inspiring, performed in public and getting good feedback. Beauty tension spring spills the strength of Hong Que Supermodel has become the focus of all glances.

Each does not mind sharing the throne determined to conquer the full 18 Miss, but the 18-year-old witness vedette become famous as a model, not a few people believe that dream will no longer be Miss agency Center. However, Hong Que in 2012, said she will compete throne Miss Vietnam World 2012.
Hong Que sexy girl Viet Nam  Photo 1

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Hong Que sexy girl Viet Nam  Photo 4

Hong Que sexy girl Viet Nam  Photo 5

Hong Que sexy girl Viet Nam  Photo 6

Hong Que sexy girl Viet Nam  Photo 7

Hong Que sexy girl Viet Nam  Photo 8

Hong Que sexy girl Viet Nam  Photo 9

Hong Que sexy girl Viet Nam  Photo 10

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